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As an engineering services and consulting partner, ITACAe benefits from a network of highly professional consultants and the disposal of CAE tools, thanks to agreements with the most important actors in the sale of services and SBE (Simulation Based Engineering) software. 

ITACAe actively participates in associations like MESAP (MEccatronica  e Sistemi Avanzati di Produzione), for technological innovation, CEI Piemonte (TPA, FC2C, TRA) for the development of business abroad in the aerospace, automotive, railway sectors; it is in the board of AITA (Associazione Italiana Tecnologie Additive), it regularly attends some of the most important initiatives on technology innovation and CAE (ICC, A&T, AM Meetings, SMAU... ); it exposed at the A&T and SMAU Turin 2015, winning the award Lamarck, as one of the three top startups at the expo.

ITACAe conducts research in collaboration with universities, manufacturers and users of traditional and innovative technologies for the identification, the study and the optimization of critical process parameters and at the same time contribute to the technological development. It participates to STAMP & SMART3D projects on AM metal & laser polymer technologies financed by Piemonte Region. ITACAe manages projects related to training, design, production, scanning & qualification of parts in metal additive manufacturing (selective laser melting) within the “ALI” Consortium with the “TAILORMADE” method.

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R&D Project SMART3D

R&D Project SMART3D - ITACAe S.r.l.

ITACAe is a partner in the "SMART3D" project, funded by the Piedmont Region

Smart Factory Technology Platform
POR FESR 2014-2020 - Actions I.1b.2.2 and 1.8.3

Polymeric devices production chain (SMART3D), leader SPEA S.p.A. (dd. 52 of 20/02/2018)


Implementation of an integrated production process based on the use of technical polymers, through the adoption of innovative techniques of Additive Manufacturing, Laser-assisted Welding and Automatic Testing Machines


By participating in the project, ITACAe has benefited from and contributed to improving the knowledge of the development process of "smart" products made with innovative technologies related to polymeric materials, such as additive manufacturing. It was possible to develop, apply and evaluate some innovative methodologies for the design, simulation and optimization of the product and the production process, such as topological optimization, generation of complex lattices and simulation of the FFF process.